Student interviews with experts having knowledge about matters apocalyptic.

Bobby, Maddie, Kate, and MursalEdit

Expert: Robert Smith?

Profession: Mathematics Professor at the University of Ottawa, Author

Areas of Expertise: Infectious Diseases, Mathematical models

Smith?'s Website link:

"My research involves the application of mathematical models to study infectious diseases. I mostly study HIV, but am also interested in malaria, West Nile virus, Human Papilloma virus and Chagas' disease. Of particular interest is the application of control methods, such as drugs, vaccines, microbicides and other interventions. The mathematical theory I use to study these diseases involves impulsive differential equations; these are differential equations with discontinuous jumps that depend on either the time of impulse, the state of the system immediately before an impulse, or a combination of both." - Robert Smith?

The expert we have chosen to interview is Robert Smith?, a University of Ottawa Professor of Mathematics. Smith? has published over thirty articles discussing infectious diseases including HIV, Malaria, HPV, Influenza, HCV, Guinea Worm Disease, Tularemia, Fire Blight, West Nile virus and Chronic Wasting Disease. Aside from the topics of serious diseases Smith? is also interested in pop culture and has published four books about Doctor Who, an article on "Bieber Fever" and several articles and one book about zombies.

Ben and JoelEdit

We’ve decided to interview Professor Earl Brown from the University of Ottawa. Dr. Brown has his Ph.D. and his fields of research are virology, immunology and biochemistry amongst many others.  His research information consists of treating viral dieses by finding how the virus genes control the dieses. An application for this research is the uses of viruses for cancer treatment. We conducted this interview to find out the probability of a viral or parasitical dieses being able to cause an apocalyptic extinction and the factors that entail such an event.

see Viral Extinction

Mike, Lexi, Sarah, and MariaEdit

Disaster Protocols: Past vs Present

My group has decided to interview the father of Luke Taymun who has a higher position in the government and is aware of our present emergency protocols. Although he is unable to reveal every single detail, we are still able to get an idea of what has changed between emergency protocols in the past versus our current plans.