How the society to come will be organized.

Short Time SystemEdit


Scial Structure at the early stage

Society at this time will be divided into the different small groups all with the same motive to survive. Thier motive shall be motive is scavenge for food and other resources to survive till tomorrow. At this point they would be following a tribal anarchy where the group is bound to only themselves and thier survival. There is no law or rules to follow only what needs to be done to survive. Murder and such ideas which we find as morally wrong will not matter at this age only survival will. The group dynamic will be set up in a way which the head will be the founder or the the "glue" which holds the group together, after him is the security for the group, those with military knowledge and weapons to provide the group security after them is the worker which help make sure everything is working properly, this class is one of the most important as without a good engineer or mechanic most electrical equipment would be unable to use as they would be bad condition and would require some fixing up.

Utopian Social StructureEdit

In this period life is good the decline of the human population during the feral outbreaks made it so now that housing and food is not an global issue. Along with that war is not a problem as the past has left people with a impression of death an disaster which people do not want to go back to or see ever again. The social structure at this time is that of a free trade market where you are in the social ladder where you work to be, however there is no poverty as there is enough food to go around, death by starvation is not a thing anymore in the cities. Also basic necessities are provided for such as clothes, water and food. Jobs are plentiful for all educational groups.